U.S. National Bank Balance Sheets (1867-1904)

OCC Sample Balance Sheets

Starting on 1867, the Comptroller of the Currency has prepared Annual Reports to the U.S. Congress with the balance sheets of all National Banks (equivalent to our current Call Reports).

Using OCR methods and exploiting double-entry bookkeeping of balance sheets to verify the accuracy of the results, we have digitized the records for all national banks between 1867 and 1904 (roughly 110,000 balance sheets).

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Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) Augmented Dataset - December 2020 Release

PPP density hexplot by firm type

This dataset combines all PPP data releases from the Small Business Administration up to December 2020, with several added variables:

  1. Standardized geographies: city name, GNIS city identifier, GNIS county identifier
  2. Geocoded lat-lon of the firm
  3. Lender identifiers: name ID RSSD (if applicable), type of lender
  4. Information from OpenCorporates: date of incorporation, disolution, etc.

[Download data (Stata 16; compressed by 7zip)]

Historical NIC Tables (1863-1934)

Code snippet

Current National Information Center (NIC) Tables contain all major historical events of national banks, including mergers, relocations, and recharterings since the late 1930s.

This dataset extends these NIC tables for the 1863-1934 period.

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U.S. National Bank Mergers (1863-1934)

Merger frequency by year

This dataset comprises a list of mergers of US national banks since the beginning of the National Banking Era until 1934. It is based on the Historical NIC Tables dataset (see above), augmenting it with information from additional sources to increase its coverage and accuracy.

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Retail Store and Supermarket Openings (Perú, 2005-2012)

Map of some retail stores

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Bank Branch Openings (Perú, 1999-2012)

Map of some bank branches (Lima, Peru)

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